Together in the fight, whatever it takes


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2017 Road to a Cure


Welcome to PSC Partners' Road to a Cure page.  We invite you to put yourself in the driver’s seat and help us in the quest to end Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

Interested in making a real difference and helping us raise funds for a cure? Canadian donors can participate by clicking HERE




Here is how your dollars make a difference:

$60,000- PSC Partners can fund a research grant for two years.

$30,000- PSC Partners can fund a research grant for one year.

$19,400/year- Allows PSC Partners to maintain the patient registry. Haven’t registered yet? Click HERE to register.

$250/per conference attendee- Did you know that each year PSC Partners subsidizes a portion of the hotel room and almost half the cost of each attendee registration to make the conference a more affordable event for all attendees? This allows 350 patients, families, and medical professionals to sleep tight during PSC Partners’ annual conference.

50 cents /brochure- pays for the brochures that are delivered each year to physicians' offices throughout the world! Need some to give to your doc? Just ask us or click HERE for the online brochure order form.

$3000- Allows PSC Partners to offer an AASLD Abstract Award presented to the investigator presenting the most promising PSC research at The Liver Meeting.

If you wish to participate in the Road to a Cure through a fundraiser, we are here to help you navigate the path of your personal fundraiser and to assist you through the simple approval process. A fundraiser can take any shape you’d like as long as it remains within the boundaries set forth in PSC Partners’ Fundraising Guidelines. It can be a bike race, lemonade stand, a letter-writing campaign, a movie night, or a large event. It can be a swear jar at work, a dress down day, or a bake sale. After you’ve decided how you’d like to raise money for PSC, simply fill out the Fundraising Proposal Form. This is your opportunity to get creative! The options are limitless!

We can provide you with access to tools, literature, and ideas to make your campaign soar.

An easy way to start is to share this Faces of PSC Video with your friends and family:



Helpful tools for fundraising:  PSC Partners believes that awareness and information are empowering. To that end, we’ve created a fundraising flyer that can help raise funds and spread the word about the importance of community support in the quest for better treatments and a cure for PSC.

For questions or more information about how to hold your own fundraiser, write to us at

We’re together in this fight, whatever it takes!


Lily and Sydney Braclets

 Friendship Bracelets Save Lives Fundraiser

Every dollar makes a difference. Each tax-deductible donation contributes directly to the mission of PSC Partners.

Lanes for PSC Fundraiser


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Patient Registry

Help researchers worldwide unlock the mysteries of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). Complete your profile and join PSC Partners Seeking a Cure in advancing PSC research towards a cure. Your participation is important!

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